We are Method. An independent web agency in Singapore since 2005.

Who We Are and
What We Do

Method Media is a forward-thinking web agency that pushes the boundaries of website design & development. Our clear goal is to deliver bespoke websites that are tailored to our clients, their businesses, and their users. With a meticulous approach that starts from scratch and invests utmost care in every step of the process, we create diverse, innovative, and meaningful websites for local and international audiences.

Our team of highly skilled individuals excels at producing websites that captivate and engage users. Our collaborative approach has earned us a global portfolio of collaborations with award-winning agencies and distinctive brands. Experience the Method Media difference and elevate your online presence with our cutting-edge web solutions.


  • Web Consultancy
  • Web Audit
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Web Content Strategy


  • Website Design
  • Visual Identity
  • Creative Direction
  • Art Direction


  • Web Development
  • CRAFT Headless CMS
  • GHA DISCOVERY Integration
  • SynXis Booking Engine Integration
  • Cloud Hosting Infrastructure
  • Web Application Security


  • Copywriting
  • Translations
  • Editorial

Partnering with some of the world’s best could not have been, without an embedded set of ethos.

Be Uncomfortable

We never want to preserve the status quo because it would mean we stop moving. Being stagnant for too long threatens our survival: it limits growth, kills drive, and invites us to be consumed by the stampede of competition. We view discomfort as a healthy necessity that will challenge and push us to be better.

Be Curious

Curiosity did not kill the cat; it made him wiser. In today’s context, where ideas are our true currency, the appetite for curiosity is key to staying relevant. The culture of inquisition in our agency not only conditions us to always consider alternative perspectives but also serves as a humbling process.

Be Empathetic

For us, great design requires a deep understanding of the problems and realities of the people we are designing for. We consider the concerns of our partners on an intimate level, take on their perspectives, and engage with them like friends because we know that empathy connects us all.

Be Original

In both our work and our identities, authenticity is celebrated. We don’t operate on cookie-cutter templates or concepts of ‘one size fits all’. Instead, we embrace thinking that opts for less-traveled roads so that novelty can flourish. At the same time, we respect our individual autonomies as professionals.


Martyn Tan
Founder / Partner / Ambassador

Since the inception of Method in 2005, Martyn has been dedicated to evolving the brand, culture, and portfolio to embody the agency’s DNA – delivering purposeful web experiences to the most ambitious brands in the hospitality, real estate, and lifestyle sectors. Upholding the highest standards in the web design industry, whether in design or development. In his role as a brand ambassador, Martyn ensures that the agency’s marketing and communication initiatives align with its culture and reflect the creative vision of him and his partners. Crucially, he fosters a culture of innovation and continuous learning within the agency to ensure it stays consistently relevant and up-to-date with the industry.

Rin Ng

As the Head of Web Development, Rin is responsible for leading and managing a team of developers in the creation and maintenance of websites and web-based applications. With strong technical skills in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, databases and SPA frameworks, and excellent leadership and communication skills, Rin can effectively manage and motivate the team while collaborating with cross-functional teams. Rin also has a track record of delivering web development projects on time and is always seeking out new technologies to improve the agency's web presence and stay ahead of industry trends.

Tan Hock Wee

Hock Wee has been instrumental during the formative years of Method. With over 20 years of experience in web management, he has successfully managed websites for a variety of clients, increasing traffic and improving user experience through the implementation of effective online marketing strategies. With a curious mindset and passion for technology, he can combine new programming languages and apply his mastery to support Method's projects. Paired with his unparalleled commitment to quality and responsiveness, he is highly sought after by our turnkey clients and colleagues who require immediate remedy.

Wee Ho Gai

Ho Gai studied Design Communication at LASALLE College of the Arts. Joining our agency in 2012, he reached a significant milestone by becoming a partner at Method in 2023. At Method, Ho Gai specializes in crafting bespoke website designs for clients in the property and lifestyle sectors. He also works closely with the founder to set the creative direction of Method. A defining feature of Ho Gai's work is the consistent use of a grid system design and an inclination towards uncluttered layouts. He values the power of visuals and typography to convey messages effectively.

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